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Life after Los Angeles. (That little beige box in the center is our home.)

My husband, our younger daughter, and I live in an off-the-grid valley tucked in the foothills of British Columbia’s Cascade Mountains. We came here from Los Angeles some twelve years back, not only to get free of city burdens – traffic and pollution, noise and crime, high expenses and endless vistas of steel, concrete and glass – but to look anew at the direction our lives were taking and, along with the others in this valley, to create an alternative lifestyle that’s attractive and doable.

In this blog I’ll share with you our adventures here in the Sharanagati Village community. I’d love to hear your comments from wherever you may be…

John, Priya and me on our backyard trampoline.

Our older daughter Amrita, son-in-law Shyam, and grandson Kunja, on a summer visit.

Amrita and Priya surviving our first Sharanagati winter.

April 2011

  1. Nice to see you are doing this, I look forward to your notes.
    I am in need of encouragement for the novel version of Celibate in Chelsea.
    Tell me to get serious…about serving Krishna and Srila Prabhupada

  2. Hi Jnanagamya, good to hear from you. I watched all the trailers for Celibate in Chelsea and was impressed — good acting, likable characters, some funny scenes, a believable plot. I don’t know how far you’ve gotten with this project, but you surely want to keep going steadily until you come to its sweet end. I can’t conceive of you doing anything else since so much work and talent and thought has gone into it so far. And it needs to be out there where people can see it.

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